Additional Testimonials


"The pulmonary group is the best. The doctors all work together to take care of all the patients. Dr. Vodnala spends a lot of time going over what is going on with the patient and also making sure they understand all the treatment options. We are very grateful to Dr. Vodnala and his staff for the very competent care."

"Have had nothing but excellent professional care. I have seen all three doctors and the Nurse Practitioners due to an illness that other doctors couldn't figure out. This group quickly diagnosed and treated the problem. The office staff is very friendly and always willing to help in any way they can. I can highly recommend this practice."

"Takes time to explain your care process in detail. Knowledgeable. Genuinely care about patient's well being."

"I found Dr. Puppala to be very informative about Obstructive sleep apnea and COPD. He was very courteous and seemed generally concerned about my well-being. I will continue to be his patient."

"Dr. Puppala is very nice and informative."

"Dr. Vodnala is the only Pulmonologist that knew what was wrong with me, he gave me right medicine and made me feel better fast."

"Dr. Vodnala took excellent care of my mother when she was very ill. He was thorough and very professional, while also being caring and kind."

"I had a great experience with HPSA. I came in with Shortness of Breath and coughing and saw Dr. Vodnala. He diagnosed the problem and helped me get better. I am overall happy with the experience and the staff. I also have OSA, so they help me get the right equipment and treatment and I sleep so much better now. I highly recommend them!"

"I have recently seen Dr. Yerramsetti and all I can say is that he's an amazing doctor! I've been hoping from doctor to doctor trying to get answers for several skin and allergy issues, and he has resolved them. His staff has been nothing but helpful and have held my hand thru out the entire process."

"Please tell MIMI PHAN that I love her! Thank you so much for talking to [my PCP]. He just called me and is trying to reschedule surgery for sometime this week! Dr. Phan, you have earned my undying gratitude and respect. I promise that when this is over, I will do whatever you want me to do and I'll drag my husband along, too."

Houston, TX

13219 Dotson Rd, Suite 210,
Houston, TX 77070

Houston, TX

10726 Huffmeister Rd, Suite 200,
Houston, TX 77065

Tomball, TX

155 School St, Suite 260,
Tomball, TX 77375

Bellville, TX

235 W Palm St., Suite 107,
Bellville, TX 77418